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Flea Relief Shampoos

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alan is still suffering with the allergies from the flea bites. I'm looking to get a shampoo TODAY, preferably not a "flea" shampoo. I was told "Relief" would be good, but my vet doesn't have it. Any suggestions?

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I like neem. It's a natural oil, and really works well. My picks for neem shampoos would include Nature's Specialties Quick Relief shampoo and the Neem "Protect" shampoo by Ark Naturals (can't find a link).


Neem is greyt for relieving many skin conditions, and actually soes kill fleas and ticks (though the manufacturers cannot claim that, since it is not approved by the FDA).


The Nature's Specialties shampoo is highly concentrated, so you can dilute the ever-loving HECK out of it, and it becomes very inexpensive. It's hard to find, though. It's also greyt for deodorizing stinky dogs, and I have used it on skunked dogs with success (if followed by a skunk spray neutralizer).


I have not used the Ark Naturals in years, but I do recall it's a greyt product. I don't remember details about concentration. I do use the spray on myself all the time, though, and it's greyt.

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