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Guest Downtownhoundz

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Guest greytful4

Kylie had broken her middle toe early this May and was in a spoonbill splint for quite a while. Like baby Gus, she also developed a pressure sore.Her's has healed and she's FINALLY out of the splint ans soft bandage. However, her toes are crooked now, like they didn't heal properly.

Has any one else's hound who had a broken toe heal right ? She had a nasty spiral fracture in three places and it's a wonder that it healed at all.

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Gabe had a toe injury before I brought him home (though I THINK it was a torn ligament, rather than a broken bone). It didn't heal right, and his toes on that foot still don't "fall" right when he walks. The toes on that foot are flat, rather than arched up, like normal greyhound feet.


Glad your girl is feeling better, anyway.

Valerie w/ Cash (CashforClunkers) & Lucy (Racing School Dropout)
Missing our gorgeous Miss
Diamond (Shorty's Diamond), sweet boy Gabe (Zared) and Holly (ByGollyItsHolly), who never made it home.

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Guest Vinnie

WooHoo Kylie - we can heal together. Hi Anne - everyone that I have talked with has said that as they use the foot more with the healed toe that the foot will knuckle-up again and that will also help pull the toe straighter. Gus' paw is very flat right now and turned and just in th past week it is already starting to knuckle-up on the toe area. His broken toe may never be completely straight again, but looking at his back paw, that toe also turns in - it's kind of weird. Did you see the photos I put on Gus' update? It shows his toe and paw really well. I have to say though, I don't think I will ever let them put them in a splint again - it did more damage than the broken toe ever could have. So glad Kylie is doing better. I will post so more photos in a week or so and you can compare with Kylie's progress too. Hugs and scritches.

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Guest greyt2love

Anne, so glad to hear that Kylie is finally out of that splint !! I have no experience with broken toes - only a leg!! - so I don't have any advice for you ! Just :D and :thumbs-up and :yay for both Kylie and Gus !!!


Deb and Marlee

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Guest simile

Tip dislocated his toe earlier this summer and was splinted for about 7 weeks (he just got the splint off Wednesday). His toe is a bit crooked now, but I've noticed that a couple of his other toes are too. I'm thinking he may have chronic toe issues. Anyway, partway through the splinting/healing time, another set of x-rays were taken because even under all the swelling, we could see the toe was still a bit off kilter. Surprisingly, the films showed straight set bones.

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