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Lucky Is Back To Normal.

Guest Greytminds

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Guest Greytminds

Lucky was put back on Pheobarbitol but we dropped it to 1 1/2 from the last dose of two. Lucky's last seizure was caused by the withdrawl happeing to quick. Its been 48 hours since the drop and he has not shown any adverse reactions. Have I not dropped the meds by two pills I think he would still be seziure free going on months :headwall:headwall:headwall


Next time I need to be more patent.



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Oh boy....we have been in your place...the balancing act is a fine line. Hug Lucky for me. :grouphug

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Guest EmilyAnne

Yes, Slow and steady wins the race.


I know what you mean about having to start that count-up from the last grand-mal over again. It sucks. :(


You already know I had to start Henry's over today. But, let's remember, the long periods of time our hounds made it seizure free still count for something and show that what we are doing is helping! I am very glad Henry made it all the way to 23 days. For him, that is a big improvement, and does not get flushed down the toilet just cause he has to start the count up over again.


My husband said for me to look at it differently so I don't get so upset about the count up starting over again. Between March 11th and July 17th, Henry had 12 Grand-Mals. That's in a 4 month span. I am going to look at how Henry does in the next 4 month span overall. Hopefully it will be a lot less than 12, and even if I have to start the count up over a few times in that 4 months, I will remember how Henry is doing overall, rather than dwelling that I had to re-start the count-up.

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