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Needles And Insulin

Guest ibeakila

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Guest ibeakila
How much insulin do you give Ibe?

Also, when you take the needle out, rub the injection site----makes the sting go away.

I am up to 9 right now but that will be increasing next week?


He is up to nine right now but that will be increasing next week, they are drawing blood from him every other day, I do give him a treat right after I do it and during and before it!!!!lololol


In theory you could reuse the needle after disinfecting with bleach but the needle is so thin it distorts after use making additional shots more painful. Inexpensive generic needles are available at WalMart. Of course the brand name ones are B & D.


Thank you for that info, I will check Walmart because I also have a cat that I give shots to and everything is starting to run big bucks


The vet told me to slowly roll the bottle between my hands before giving Noel her shots as this makes the temp warmer & the needles are very fine. If I don't warm the insulin right there are times Noel will whimper but for the most part she doesn't pay much attention as I was also told to give her a very small treat after the shot & she is the only dog that gets one at that time so she thinks she is special (she is!!). Now she will come find me when it's time for the shots but didn't do so at first. Also I rotate from side to side so the shot isn't always given on the same side. Good luck, your dog will adjust to this routine as you get more comfortable giving the shots.


Thank you, I do give a treat before during and after to take his mind off of it, I also do a cat twice a day,


I have a Diabetic cat so I am familiar with the shots. I usually hold the filled syringe in my hand for 30 seconds or so until it is not so cold. My vet said if you give it to them right out of the fridge it is like putting ice down someone's back. Makes sense to me. Also make sure you pull the skin tight. You want it to go right through.


Thank you because I also do my 10 yr old cat every morning and night along with Ibe, now, a lot of work, I try to warm them up with my hands.


No tips unfortunately on actually giving the insulin but can you distract her with some peanut butter or something else while you do it? Not sure if that would affect the insulin or not- I don't really know much about diabetes...


Thank you, I give him meatballs, that I spent three hours making, I give him these treats before, during and after his shot, aren't I pathethic? lolololol


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