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Guest GiJenn51

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Guest GiJenn51

To help with ticks?


I've been pulling off about one a day for six dogs- TO MANY!!! I'm being super vigilant----



I know garlic helps with fleas--- any ideas on ticks?

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Well, if you want to treat the grass itself, you can get beneficial nematodes and spray them over the yard, they eat the tick eggs. I can't remember if diatomacious earth works on ticks or not.


For the hounds, Toms of Maine makes a good natural spray but you have to spray them every day or every other day with it.


Or there is always frontline if you want to blast them with the big guns. :lol

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If they are in your yard, get rid of any brush, pine needles, leaf litter, long grass, etc. That's the stuff they hide in and making the environment unfriendly for them is more effective than anything else I can think of.


On walks we keep the dogs out of long grass, pine needles, leaf litter, reeds, etc. If we go for a walk in the woods they are examined immediately after leaving and before we go home.


Our ticks are very resilient - Frontline doesn't work on them so we have to be vigilant.

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