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Canadian Flea Products

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The scenario:


Visiting kitty brought some friends.

Hound is on Advantage and is OK

Hoomans are scratching



1. Although hound cannot wear flea collar, can kitty? (or is it too toxic to hound to have such close access?)

2. I may need to powder the house. Does anyone know of any good product, available in Canada, preferably in pet-stores, that I can use to clean the house, that will not harm the hound?


(my internet search reveal lots of products in USA which are not stocked in Canadian stores, so I need Canadian brand names)


I am specifically requesting Brand names and which stores they may be found. If this contravenes GT guidelines, please PM me your responses instead.




(Itchy & Scratchy)

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Whatever you do, don't get that topical flea stuff for dogs/cats that you can buy at the pet store. We gave it to our mixed breed the one time she got a flea from a friend, and after the second dose she had a terrible reaction. She kept trying to scratch and get to the spot we applied it (on her shoulders), she acted like it was burning her skin. I'll never use that stuff again, especially after I read on the net that many people had the same experience.


One of the things you can do if you have carpets is cut up a flea collar and stick it in your vacuum. It should kill the fleas that you suck up with it so that they can't get out and keep spreading. Plus wash everything like dog beds and blankets in hot water a lot.


Did you put flea meds on the kitty too? Otherwise he may just be spreading it right around!

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Alas! It is not my kitty and instead of getting proper meds, poor kitty was given a flea collar. I am looking after her from time to time as her owners are doing renovation to their house. She is not a full-time guest (unfortunately, her little buddies decided to stay!) Although I suggested they put her on anit-flea meds, her owners thought differently.


Can kitty with a flea collar safely come to visit? (Her owners really don't have anyone else who can take her at this time)


Itchy & Scratchy


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