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Thank You To Joe's Ss

Guest greyhound_bug

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Guest greyhound_bug

Thank you very much for the box full of treats!!! Joe's little sniffer kept going the whole time as I kept pulling out different kinds of treats...most of which the boys have never had before so that makes them extra exciting.

The duck is a big hit...Joe loves the toys that make grunt like sounds better than the squeekers so it is right up his alley. :D;)


Thank you very much for the "real" racing muzzle. I just have it hanging with the boys stuff right now but once I get their retirement papers and frame them, I'd like to hang it all together in our reckroom. It'll make a nice "finishing" touch. The lotions smell very nice too-thank you. with how dry it is here, they're prefect for when I get out of the shower :colgate .


I must warn you, before you look at the pictures-I have some crazy bedhead :rolleyes: ....DH and I are like little kids at Christmas (well, pretty much every day but mostly Christmas) and we get up really early (6am this year) so we always open our gifts in our jammies. :blush


What's in there mom? I'm too tired to get up and look...



This is Pup Corn Joe...



Eli, you already opened your prezzies....

Look Joe, more treats!



Mom, you are taking waaay too long looking at stuff...I'll just help myself and my new duck to some cookies!




Thank you very much for everything SS! The boys won't be needing any cookies for awhile! :lol


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