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Ziggyzoe, Max, And Zoe

Guest WYOwhy

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Ziggyzoe, Thank you for the amazing secret santa package. Avery was beside himself with joy when we opened it! And because he is the most beautiful pup ever, (and I know the rules) here are some of our pictures:


Look a box for me... and it is from Needle Nose Apparel.



Oooh a squeaking snowflake. I think I want this first.



And a scantily clad chicken. :) What boy dog doesn't dream of owning one of these?



And I love this cat-faced toy and a ball too.



See me smile at all these greyt toys?



But my Mom is super excited about this part of the gift... Jimjams and a collar!



These are my first ever jimjams. They are pretty comfy and fit perfect - after Mom figured out how to thread my legs into them.



See how I can turn and look this way................................................................Or this way. Complete comfort.

PC242308.jpg ... PC242309.jpg



Thank you Ziggyzoe! What wonderful gifts!!!

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