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To Secret Santa Doofbert

Guest KyGrey

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We received your package and wanted to hold it until today (Christmas Day). Mommy went out the other night for a little while and we (all except Bandit cuz he was in his plastic box) decided to see what our SS had sent us. When Mommy got home we had all the toys all over the living room but we didn't bother the vest things. They didn't smell yummy plus we didn't know what they were until Mommy came home and told us. We LOVE, LOVE toys. There was something in a funny plastic wrapper that smelled good and we thought we might take little bites out of it. Mommy thinks it soap and told us that she should wash out mouthes out with it for not waiting for her to help open the package. Mommy sez she still has to get pics of the loot before we can have them.


Thank you so much!!! They (and I) love it.


Molly, Boomer, Lee and Bandit

with Mommy


Oh, and Mommy loved the picture of the Black Pack. :colgate

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