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To My Mystery Secret Santa

Guest DoofBert

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Guest DoofBert

Dear Secret Santa,


A humungus package arrived today... and it came from the nice UPS man and even better.... it had my name on it. Yep.... Bert.. that's me... handsome, debonair, senior member of the Pocono Black Pack.


I've been around this pack for a while and I know the drill all too well.. The Daddieman holds all Christmas packages til 25 December... it's only a few days away, so I think I can wait... But man, I've never got such a big box.... I can hardly wait.....


Oh Yeah, and Momma warned me that it contains chocolate, so she gets to help me open it!


I certainly appreciate the warning.. chocolate gives me a big old stomach ache...I tried eating some once. It wasn't pretty./


I promise to pose nice for the flashy thing ! In the mean time, thank you so much for spreading Christmas Cheer from Ohio (not too far from where Momma went skewl...at Allegheny.


Sincerely yours,


Burlington Bertram, the bald butt Baron of Pocono Park,

but most folks just call me Bert~

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