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Thank You Ss Tiffyks!

Guest Lala

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Dear Tiffany and Teagan,


We got our SS box last night. Nuala, an extremely foody hound by nature, was veeeeeeerrrrry interested in the box. Well it's no wonder - it was chock full o' treats and goodies!


Besides all the cool gifts, the box was full of treats, thereby making all contents of the box smell like treats.




Nuala's nose was working overtime! (Sorry - my pics came out a little blurry. I'm a little special needs when it comes to my camera :rolleyes: )




She looks adorable in the snood:




Yay! Look at all the neat stuff:




Please note that the elephant stuffyis missiong from the above pic as Nuala grabbed it and took it off to bed:




What an exciting day - thank you Tiffyks!


Alicia & Nuala





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Guest tiffyks

You are very welcome. The snood was knitted just for you while we sat in the Hospital. I wanted to send something else but couldn't get it together with the chaos.


Her snoodie looks very cute on her...I am glad you enjoyed your box. May you and your family have a Glorious Holiday Season.


Tiff and The Flatland Grey's



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