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Tiffany And The Flatland Grey Crew

Guest GreytgroupLeader

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Guest GreytgroupLeader

Tiffany and Crew,

When I arrived home last night and came through the garage door entrance, I was not greeted by my gang. This is not the norm. I came up into the dinningroom and there stood four greys and a lab by the front door. The mailman had left your package at the front door. I don't know how long they had been standing there but they knew that just outside that door there were bisquits to be had. I brought in the package for their inspection.


Mom, please open the package we can smell treats....


Come on already....


Oh wow, stuffies


Mine - all mine


Mom, make Mikey share


Thank you, Tiffany for the stuffies and treats And for the photo alblum and soap

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Guest tiffyks

I did not get to get the packages together like I would have liked, but I am glad you got them. Packing the boxees with lots of free cookies, makes them much more enticing.

We are glad you are enjoying your package....


Tiff and the Girls

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