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Thanks Gus,doug,yardman,battle And Penny

Guest minnie

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Thanks so very much for all you sent! Mom let me eat some cookies ( I had to share with my brother)and play with some of the squeeky toys! Mom loves chocolate and she put the ornament on the tree, she covers me up every night with my warm blanket! Moms reading the letter and said something is coming for her, she said you have sent way to much and she Thanks you!


We ruff (Love)you Too!

Have A Merry Christmas! :reindeer:snowman

Dallas,Cowboy and Patricia





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Hey, Dallas, we gots da bery same, super, most wunnerful Secrit Santas eber! We mus hab been eben gooder than our mom's tolded us we was.


Merry Chrismoose!


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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes



There should be one more thing coming to you. Mom forgot to order it and realized it the day she sent out your package. :rolleyes:


So, it should be on it's way. :snow




Gus, Doug, Yardman, Battle and Penny

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