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Willie Thinks Betsy Is The Bestest!

Guest junefour

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Guest junefour

Willie sayz "Betsy you and your mommie Nikki iz the bestest secrit santie! I lubs my treets jar, itz so good but momma made me gib some to my brudder Brady and sister Sophie, they didnit want juz won so they iz piggie. I lub lub my new toys, they sqweek real good, I like them lots. Momma wood not gib me some that choclit but she petted my head so I tole her she waz gunna share that beetiful blankie with me, cuz we both look good in red.















Thank you again Betsy, and your mommie Nikki yoo iz the bestest secrit santie!




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Awww That is Wonderful. I'm so happy you enjoyed your Secret Santa gifts. I had to work hard to keep them stuffies away from Betsy, and Piper. I cought Piper up on the kitchen chairs nosing through the bags, looking for them cookie treats. I hope your sibs share their treats wif you. Betsy also loves red, and thought the blanket was a good one for you, and mommy. Her fave time of the night is when we snuggle on the couch with our blankets. Dont be too upset with mommy, and her not sharing the chocolates, those were just for her..I said so!


We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!


Lots of love.. Nikki, Betsy, and the rest of our crazy gang. :grouphug

The Fruitloop crew: Piper, Bloomer, Sirius Black the kitty cat, Goober, .....Insane human crew: Nikki, Chuckles, Jakob (ds), Naomi baby girl........... and Our Angel babies,, Betsy (Betsy Kiss), Momma Cat, Blue Fish, and Georgie the g-pig.

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