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Tank Youse Miss Devon An Miss Amber An Dandy Randy An Da Zoo Crew

Guest dwolfe711

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Guest dwolfe711

Oh Miss DeVon - Dis bees Allie - an I gotz my Secree Santa botz an I LUBS eberyting in it!! Oh my goodness - a beautiful blankee an a necklace to die for!! Youse gotz eberyting jus perfect to suit my personality an to complement my champagne fur! I hope is okay dat I shared my treaties wit Ripley, Ellie an Apollo - dey shared dere treaties wit me when dere botzes camed - we always share - we lubs each udder berry much - well, I could do witout Ellie here but she bees here to stay now, I guess, so I will jus hab to tolerate her!! I hab been sleepin on my new blankie an sometimes Mom cobers me wit it - it bees so berry soft!! Mom lubs her prezzies too - da towel bees hangin on da stobe handle already - an she habs eated all doze yummy chocolates already - can you beliebs dat?!! An Ripley lubbed opening dat yummy smellin banilla candle - Mom thought it bees treaties for a pup da way he ripped da paper off ub it - den she seed it beed a candle an she sez "hey - dat's mine"!! Is okay - he didna really get da candle open - jus tooked da paper off!


Now - I mus tell you someting berry exciting - Mom was lookin at da members ub dis board to try to figure out who my SS bees an she founded youse bees tenderhearts on dis board an she found one ub youse posts an she clicked on Randy's link to his pedigree - an she couldna belieb what she seed - dere it was on his pedigree - his grandpa bees Black Streaker - well, guess what?!!! MY DADDY BEES BLACK STREAKER!!! Can you beliebs dat?!!! Your Randy an me bees related - somehow!! Dat is da berry coolest ting bouts youse bein my Secree Santa!!


Mom gots some good pics ub us all attackin da botz an openin da prezzies an ub me wearin my beautiful necklace an being covered by my blankie - she will post them someday - really she will - but she is not real good about doin it in a timely manner - but we will share the pics as soon as she can get time to take them out ub dat camera ting an put dem on here for youse to sees!!


Tank youse so berry, berry much for my wonderful SS botz an prezzies - an I'se so cited to know dat one ub my relatives bees my SS!!! Do youse tink we looks alike? Dis bees a picture ub me at da Kentucky festival last June - I was da queen ub da festival cause I was da oldest female dere an I got to take home dis beautiful crown - Mom taked dis picture ub me in my crown when I beed back in da hotel room restin apter all da coronation festivities! I belieb I bees berry photogenic for my age (now 13.5) - what do you tink?




Lubs, hugs, an kisses, Allie

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Guest Tenderhearts

Dear Miss Allie,

I am so delighted that you and your mommy were pleased with the gifts! :clap I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about picking out something very special for such a beautiful girl, but when I saw that champagne necklace, I just knew that would be perfect for a darling champagne gal! :nod


It's okay that you shared your treats; I wanted to make sure there was enough for everyone, even Miss Ellie ;)


I must say you certainly look gorgeous wearing your crown! :bow:bow2


I got so excited too when you said you and Randy are related! :bounce1 Miss Amber and I were trying to figure it out, and I think we decided that might make you his aunt, but we're still not sure :dunno:blush


I definitely see a resemblence, and when I showed Randy your picture, he said he hopes he looks as wonderful as you do when he's 13 1/2 :)


I sure do hope your mommy doesn't forget to at least post a picture of you wearing the necklace! :digicam


Merry Christmas, Miss Allie! :kiss2

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