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Thank You Brooney!

Guest weycoolgrey

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Guest weycoolgrey

Thank you Brenda, Jet and Jude!! Daisy was super excited yesterday when we opened up the Burpdog Bicuits and the cute turtle stuffie....but then today was just as exciting since we received the adorable "Santa Stop Here" bandana, the plush braided toy and wonderful smelling soap for me!! I could smell the soap before I even opened the package :colgate Anyway, thank you thank you thank you! Thank you to Burpdog too for the wonderful biscuits!! Here are a few pictures....


PS....we have to wait a few days before letting Daisy have a biscuit...she had a tummy issue this weekend (I posted in the health and medical forum). She let Dewey have one to test them out (he has had Burpdog Biscuits before and snarfed it down very quickly)!



Oh Boy....Prezzies!!



What's this, mom?



I love my turtle!



Modeling my bandana...actually sniffing the counter for food, but it was a good shot of the bandana :P



Another fun toy!



And finally, just because it's funny....Daisy had the fuzzy toy in her mouth, but jumped off the sofa as I snapped the picture


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