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Vicky (gryhndens), Callie Says Thank You!


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Callie here. I got yur packige in the male today. Tank you BERRY much! I can't beleeb how many goodiez you fit in that box. Itz nice to hab a nudder girl to pick out my prezzies. That sparkly neckliss is bee-yoo-ti-ful. My stoopid brudders took the sqeeky toy frum me, but they got diztwacted and I stole it bak and pud it on my sofa and theys too dum to find it. My Mum put the antlerz on me, but I gib her the stink eye and she took em off. Butler tried to steal ebberyting else, too. He haz NO MANNERS. I waz nice, though and we shared sum ob the treats. I try to be a gud sister, but itz hard wif all deese stoopid boyz.


My Mum was so happy to hab funny sox for her feetz. Theyz awways cold. I tink she ate so much of the fancy chocolate and pupcorn, she ruined her dinner.


Tank you again for the wunnerful prezzies!




Robin - Cordova (Memphis), TN

Argus (BB's Turbo) #86152 Oswald Cobblepot X Hilary Pride

Butler (GoodOleBoyRoy) #92232 Castor Troy X Princess Josie

Bridge Angel Callie (Tom S Macaroon) #87886 Black Streaker X Tom S Megan, April 15, 2000 - November 3, 2012

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