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Thank You Chase And Rosie And Family!

Guest egg

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Cedric: Bitsy got her presents but I didn't get anything yet. I am sad.



Bitsy: I don't care if the box has his name on it, I am goin' in!



Cedric: Aha! I KNOW this is for me!




Mom: I love the tree spider and the story behind it! (This picture doesn't do it justice. It is very pretty and sparkly.)





...And this collar is VERY "me"!


Thank you so much for our gifts!!! I REALLY wanted a desk calendar and I am so thankful that you got one for me!


Cedric likes his gifts so much and so do I. I liked the greeting card too. I often think of those little stinkers when I smell MY little stinkers!


Thanks. Have a great holiday season!


PS--you never signed your name to anything so I am not really sure how to address this post! Apologies.

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Whoops! I didn't realize I didn't sign my name!

We had a lot of fun picking out a collar for Cedric. We tried to find something that would be manly enough and really liked this one because it is so representative of our area. This time of the year you really have to watch for moose on the roads!

I also hope he loves his stuffie! It was really hard not to send treats!

Hope you have many happy holidays!



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