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Calling Tenderhearts!

Guest junefour

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Guest junefour

Calling Tenderhearts.....



Your precious Randy has a special gift that is waiting to be shipped

as soon as the Clarence the elf finishes with dental school

and gets on his to toymaker stool...


So be a good pup be of good cheer

and know that Santa is still very near...


He is calling his reindeer to spread good cheer

and will make sure Rudolph is not stuck in the frost...


It is a very special package made especially for you

maybe to play with, maybe to chew...


but best of all we know it's for you!!!

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Guest Tenderhearts

Dear Evil Elf,

Thank you so much for the message! :nod I was really afraid I had been bad this year! :eek I'm trying really hard NOT to get into the trash can, and I always let my sister Raven snuggle up with me when she's sleeping :angel


I will make sure my ma watches really close for my package!


Tail wags and butt sniffs,

Dandy Randy :paw

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