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Oh, Squanhounds!

Guest charmsmom

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Guest charmsmom

And so is his Mommy!! WOW, what a loot pile!!


First, he truly enjoyed his stuffy...




...then he modeled his GORGEOUS Nancy B collar...




...then I marveled over the pile of loot on my counter!! He didn't get a PB treat b/c he'd just had three Burpdogs, but he'll get one of those after dinner tonight. :)



Thank you VERY much for the HUGE Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate bar and cookies! They look wonderful and will be :chocolate as soon as possible. :lol We love EVERYTHING!!

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Guest SquanHound

I am so glad that you got it so quickly!! Sorry for the delay, but I was a bit tardy :blush on getting my order into Nancy B's and thankfully Nancy is amazing and got everything out to me in a hurry :yay The collar looks great on the VERY handsome Charm!!! :wub:


I hope you enjoy all of the chocolate. I saw the huge bar of chocolate at Trader Joe's and couldn't resist, even though I already had the homemade bark for you. Enjoy!!!!!


Thank you for all of the photos and the fun video of Charm with his dinosaur!




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Guest charmsmom

Sorry there's no sound...basically he found the squeaker and kept going...AFTER he ripped the tag off!! :lol Silly boy!!


I'm GLAD you didn't resist!! I can't wait to tear into it! The collar is just gorgeous and well-made..and of course, we took it out for a "test walk", complete with RED leash :lol. I thought you might enjoy seeing him play with the stuffy since still pictures of stuffies are not as much fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it! We feel very spoiled!! Thank you so much for everything!

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