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Thank You Greyhound_bug

Guest psholer

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Guest psholer

Dear Santa


A big box came to our house and Mom said it was for me! There was a lot of things in the box, and something for everyone in the house.




I got a new hoodie, and a tag collar!



Mom, if I sit nice can I have some cookies?



Banana Biscotti, yummy!



Mom says I can come with her to see Grandma and we will take the treats you sent for her, she will enjoy them very much.

Thanks again Santa, I love all my presents

Finnigan :paw


Thanks Natalie and Simon, I love the ornament, magnet and book, and everything else, and the "kids" and Grandma say thanks for all their gifts! :reindeer:Peace


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Guest greyhound_bug

You are all very welcome!!


Finnigan looks greyt in his hoodie (even though he's not a big fan of clothing-he'll appreciate it in a week or 2 when it gets really cold ;) ).

I'm glad to see too that the ornament made it in one piece. I was worried when I was jamming everything into the box :rolleyes: .

Looks like the Banana bicotti was a hit too!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!! And that "grandma" will be able to come home for Chrsitmas.



Natalie and Simon

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