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The Sisters Want To Say! Thank You Santa!

Guest Goldsmom

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Guest Goldsmom


The Sisters need a refresher in sharing!!! :lol


The Sisters and the tug-o-war! Poor little deer... :eek


And the winner is!!!!! Miss Wiggles :rolleyes:


The Sisters in their Christmas Bling!!!! :wub: Jelly, we is lookin' good girlfriend!


We want to say, Licks and Love to our Secret Santa! for all the beautiful things......we got, new Christmas collars, Blingin' sparklie necklaces, yummy treats, and really special photo frames with pictures of us in them.....Just goes to show, we are special girls, like Mom says! We think we hit the mother load, from our Secret Santa.... and we are very Thankful to be so blessed!


The Sisters can get carried away with themselves, so on their behalf.....I would like to thank you! for your most generous gifts for the girls! They will be the best dressed when we go for photo's. Our local Agway does the photo with Santa, and the girls are always the hit of the day.....The Sisters take the focus off Shadow, their Dobie sister...who makes Santa a little nervous! :eek:lol


Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

May God Bless and hold you in his mighty hands!



The Sisters, Shadow and Goldie






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Guest Greytdog00

The Sisters sure do look fab in their new collars and bling. I sure do hope they share a few treats.

Merry Christmas right back at you Sherry.



Kodi & Spike

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