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Another Little Note For Tipper's Santa...


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Tipper received another card from his very thoughtful Santa today. He's not sure what Provence means either, but is hoping it's a culinary reference to the pictured monopod rooster... :chow: (Tip's owner, on the other hand, would be delighted if the rooster image is not a foreshadowing of a live crowing gift in Tipper's near future :lol )


Tipper and Dazzle are both very grateful for the charming card, however Tipper wants to clarify one detail for Santa, for the record...


Although Tipper has been a very very good boy almost the entire year, he's really concerned that his goodness may not carry the weight of both himself and his new sister Dazzle in Santa's eyes. There was that incident with the rabbit in the yard last winter, after all, not to mention the dirt and mulch-eating binges... :unsure Tipper wants to assure Santa that though he will certainly continue to be as good as he possibly can (despite Dazzle's attempts to walk on his head) Dazzle does in fact have her own Secret Santa to behave for.


All of that said, Tipper promises to do his best at sharing, if need be, because that's the kind of sweet boy he is. :heart


Thanks Tipper's Santa, for thinking of us all. :)

~Aimee, with Flower, Alan, Queenie, & Spodee Odee! And forever in my heart: Tipper, Sissy, Chancy, Marla, Dazzle, Alimony, and Boo. This list is too damned long.

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