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Guest savvyprchick

1. Please post a photo of KC.

2. Does KC have a favorite color or one that looks best on him?

3. What color is his aura?

4. Does he like to play with toys?

5. If so, any special ones?

6. Is he left-pawed or right-pawed?

7. What is his story (how he came to be part of your family)?

8. Does he have any fur-siblings?

9. Is he a smiler or a roo-er?

10. What is his favorite TV show to watch?

11. What is his favorite flavor of treat?

12. What color are his nails?

13. What is his personality like?

14. If you could describe him using only colors, what would you say?

15. Is he a lap dog?

16. Black or white?

17. Up or down?

18. French or Spanish?

19. This or that?


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Guest Mom2Gr8dawgs

:lol So many questions!! :lol


Here's one photo:



And here's a silly one:



KC is a big (89 lbs) handsome boy. Most colors look great on him, but he wears red most often. We adopted KC earlier this year. He was returned by his first adopter for being too shy. He came to us as a foster, and stayed. He is a little reserved, but not terribly shy. He has just started playing with toys, and so far doesn't really have a favorite. KC lives with 5 other dogs. 3 Greyhounds - Ginger, Dance and Raven, a Whippet Dalmatian mix - Princess Maggie, and a bossy Toy Poodle, Sassy. KC does smile, but only on rare occasions. No rooing from him. KC loves all treats, but does seem to favor liver treats and bully sticks. His nails are black, he loves to watch Animal Planet (sort of). He's not a lap dog...hasn't gotten up the courage to get on the furniture yet, but he loves a nice soft bed. Black, up, French and this! :lol



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