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Guest savvyprchick

It’s getting colder and starting to snow,

But there are a few things that your SS would like to know.


Since the temps are starting to dip quite cold

Are your pups chilly… perhaps the 4-, 5- or 6-year-old?


Color-coordination is for your hounds of three

But exactly what might those special colors be?


Screaming monkeys sound like they’re a hit

But grunters or gigglers—in your house, would they be a fit?


Your SS needs to know each of your pups sizes

So that s/he can prepare each of them special surprises.


Don’t forget to measure the neck, back and tail

So that your SS can get some special things put in the mail.


Photos are a must for your Secret Santa to see

For s/he is planning something quite special for your three.


Now on to you and your husband dear

What kinds of chocolate will make you cheer?


What kinds of food on which do you like to snack?

Because your SS doesn’t want to you send it back!


Are there any special flavors of coffee or tea

Upon which you and your DH can agree?

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Good job on the poem, savvyprchick!!! B) You have me nervous and excited at the same time! My SS must be pretty amazing!


I don't want my SS to go to a lot of trouble...anything would be a surprise to us. The dogs don't have any particular colors they usually wear. The two females do get a little chilly sometimes. Fixer is usually too "manly" for clothing, although he will tolerate things to make us happy! :P I just got home, so I'll do the measurements when DH gets home.


As for DH and me, we are up for anything or nothing at all. I realize that three hounds for one package is quite a bit, but I didn't want to do three packages, and heaven forbid we leave a hound out or only sign up one!


Here are some of my favorite pics-


Fixer and Gracey on 4th of July morning



Fixer in the sun



Gracey relaxing



Bonnie claiming her spot on the couch!



A recent pic by Balance Pet Photography at Dewey



I can't wait to figure things out and see who my SS is this year! :couchjump Now that Halloween is over, I can get more in the festive mood! Bring it on! :reindeer

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Almost forgot...here are their measurements


Fixer- He's our 1st and oldest hound. He doesn't get along with energetic dogs (even greys), but most of the time he is very laid back. Loves to lounge in the sun outside.

Behind ears- 14"

Biggest part of neck- 17"

Girth- 31"

Length- 28 1/2"


Gracey- She is the "trouble-maker" of the family. Most of the time she loves to cuddle and curl up for a nap, but sometimes it's "snap!" and she's known to be pretty evil! :seesaw

Behind ears- 13 1/2"

Biggest part of neck- 16 1/2"

Girth- 29"

Length- 27"


Bonnie- She's our newest addition. She is shy, submissive, playful, and silly all at the same time.

Behind ears- 12"

Biggest part of neck- 14"

Girth- 27 1/2"

Length- 25"


Thanks savvyprchick and our SS this year! We can't wait for you to reveal yourself! :ph34r


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