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Oh Charmsmom...

Guest savvyprchick

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Guest savvyprchick

This poem is for your Paris girl

And even though my head hurts, I’ll give rhyming a whirl.


You say a favorite yummies are pigs ears

But are there any other treats that’ll bring cheers?


I hear you are a girly-girl all the way through

But what color collars are favorites to you?


If your Secret Santa were to get jammies or a coat

What colors for those would float your boat?


Stuffies come in all different types—squeakers, grunters, gigglers and ones that scream

Which types of these would be in your dream of dreams?


Get out the measuring tape so we can get all your sizes

‘Cause I’m sure your Secret Santa is planning some great surprises.


Let’s start with your chest, what does the measurement show?

And then the base of your neck is the next one we need to know.


How long is your back from neck to the start of your tail?

Please tell me the exact number, right down to the last detail.


On to your waist is where we measure next

'cause we want you to definitely look your best.


Now I need the length of each of your legs

And I won’t tell you why your SS needs this—not even if you beg!


And how long is your snout from nose to eyes

Please don’t ask my why your SS needs this size.


And now for the human, these questions are for you

What kinds of things would you like—please give your SS a clue.


Candles or bath stuff or even chocolate galore

What kind of little presents would you just totally adore?


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Guest charmsmom

Her neck, it measures 17

If you add a 1/2 an inch!

Her chest is 29, you see...

It makes her look so sleek.


Her neck to tail is 28

She's a very lengthy girl.

Her waist is only 22,

but leave her room to pee!


I didn't measure all four legs

Because they'd duplicate.

Her front legs measure 1 and 5,

Her back legs 1 and 8!


Her snout is not quite 5 in length

But measures more than 4.

I thought I'd throw this measure in

Since it's one you'd asked for!


As for other treats she likes,

Peanut Butter is a joy!

But please don't mix it up with mine,

'Cuz I like CHOCOLATE more!


She's never had a Burpdog

And I think she'd like to try them.

As for me, I like the ones

With CARAMEL inside them!


You're right, she is a Girly-girl!

Too prim to play with squeakers!

This girl she likes to toss around

A stuffed carrot with peepers!


This little black girl couldn't have

Just any color on her!

The color that I like the best

Is Turquoise, that's an honor!


Bath stuff makes me really happy

But send no "tea" scents, please!

The bath scents that I like the most

Come from Bath & Body!


Send no candles, for I love them

But now I must digress!

My husband will ban me from the house

If more candles I purchase!


A collar, jammies, or a coat,

A stuffy or a snack,

Can't wait to see what Santa sends!

We'll send a THANK YOU back!!!









(WHEW!! That one was a challenge even for me!! :blink::lol )

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