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Oh Juliemac...

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Guest savvyprchick

The Christmas season is approaching right quick

But what does Riley want from St. Nick?


Riley is your nickname, we know that’s the case

But what was your registered name from when you used to race?


Exactly what is your birthday—month, day and year

These are things your Secret Santa wants to hear.


Of course we need photos of your handsome face

And maybe some of you playing all over the place!


What noises in toys other than squeaks

Are in the favorite toys that you seek?


Could the noises be foghorns or sirens galore

Would these make you play and your mom to beg, “No more!”?


Do you have a favorite color in which you’d like to be seen?

Or do you like most anything?


Is there a sports team that you like to root for?

Perhaps it’s baseball or football or soccer you adore?


Do you have any four-legged sisters or brothers?

Or are you an only child, doted on by your mother?


Are there any other things that this Evil Elf should know?

If there is, please tell me everything and leave the answers below.

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Oh my Oh my ... to my surprise ... don't tell Riley while I answer your cries!


Riley was previously known as Grey's Snow Storm. His 4th birthday approaches ... born December 8, 2003.


I'll have to get help to get pictures posted (cause I'm not real quick with this technology stuff) ... the picture on Greyhound-data is not bad, although he has gone a bit white in the muzzle since that picture was taken a year ago.


Riley is a fit 64 pound boy (he's about the size of a medium-sized girlie greyhound), who seems constantly hungry. He is a recovering counter-surfer, and will do almost anything for a treat. Treats to him include chicken jerky treats and Marrow Bones. Oh yes, and Paige's special food. Pigs ears are considered a dietary indiscretion (um ... that would be the term my vet used ... if you don't know what it implies, let me just ask that you not send Riley any pigs ears unless you also send Immodium and wetnaps). He's not terribly interested in rawhides, but will rip the wrapper off of a Dingo bone in a heartbeat.


Riley likes grunters and honkers and such. Squeekers are fine, but he gets bored quickly by them. Grunting Hedgehogs are his FAVORITE ... although last Saturday he got a buzzard that grunts :blink: which he stole out of my bag before I even got its tags off, and he hasn't let it out of his mouth since. He likes to honk and shake stuffies (um, and their livelier fascimiles, but that's frowned upon - very messy), but he's not interested in seeing what kind of stuffing is inside, so he doesn't need extra-tough toys. He isn't enamored by gigglers ... don't know about screaming monkeys because he's never seen one.


Riley lives with his mom and 12yo greyhound sister ... he does seem to get lonely sometimes for playing with others his own age (Paige's idea of playing is snuggling under the covers), but he has frequent playdates at Auntie Karrilynn's zoo. Riley isn't interested in getting a playmate (well, he might be, but his mommy isn't ... so no GURs from Secret Santa!).


Riley likes all colors ... his favorite is red, although he looks mighty handsome in anything bright. Oh wait, Paige just told me that Riley isn't fond of girly pink (but that if you happened to know who HER secret santa is, pink is her absolutest favorite color).


While we are not terribly into sports, we do live in the suburbs of Chicago so Bears and Cubs themed items are always appropriate. My family lives in Wisconsin, so Packers and Brewers items are also alternatives for when we have to make peace with mommy's family (they seem to like teeny tiny yappy dogs better ... they keep repeating the phrase "big teeth and big poop" - not sure what that means since those 2 things seem to be on opposite ends of the dog, but that's family!)



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