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Secret Santa Gifts

Guest Peanut

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Compassion for Greyhounds is offering knotted blankets for Secret Santa gifts only at the cost of $10.00 plus shipping.


The blankets are approximately 3 feet square (give or take depending on the width of the material). They have a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid fleece on the back. Our pups love them! They work great to cover them up on cold nights, lay on top of on the couch or bed, toss on the back seat of a car, or drag with to a meet & greet.


The finished blanket looks like this:




These are the color patterns currently available for making into blankets. I can easily pick up something if you have a special request. Like maybe a favorite team or school or character....


Grey with paw prints



Blue with multi colored paw prints



Blue with teddy bears



Tan with paw prints



Pink with paw prints



White with paw prints



Blue with frogs



Multi colored - reminds me of a Jester



If you are interested in purchasing a blanket for your Secret Santa, please PM me your request. Happy Shopping!

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We have a limited supply of double fleece blankets left. Those that have ordered will certainly be filled and we can work to make more. We will also offer single fleece (same style without the knots) for $8.00 a blanket. All orders must be in by December 1st, so we have time to make them and get them out to your SS.


Thanks to everyone that ordered already! :) The elves are busy making blankets for your SS.

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