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Tammymacb I Need To Ask You Some Questions

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Tammy my dear, your Willie sounds sweet

And your Secret Santa is planning a treat.

Is he a cow doggie? Black with some white?

Is asking about treats simply too trite?

Does he like to play ball? squeakies? catch-the-cat? :lol

Monty my doggie wanted me to ask that! :lol

How does he like to spend his day and night?

Is there anything Santa can bring that's just right?


An evil elf wants to know!

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Guest tammymacb

My Willy, my Zoolander, need I say why?

He's abfab, and gorgeus. A wonderful guy!


White is his color, his brother's the cow

Siggy needs changing, Mama's not quite sure how. :blink:


A true male, my Willy

Eat, sleep and play.

Why live for tomorrow, when there's such fun today?


Food is truly his greatest delight

Meat, rice or candy corn, he just wants a bite.



Willy says, Santa, I'm a real easy boy.

I'm just so darn happy, every day brings new joy.

A cookie, a squeakie, a little new bling. My butt will be wagging

With each little thing.


A little love and attention

Sure goes a long way

And getting a present will just make my day. :)

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Guest greytmonty

Willy my dear you sure sound just great

And now your Santa can look for the date

To send you some prezzies all wrapped up and neat

I know you will really love her special treat!

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