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Oooooh Preciousmom! Where Are You?

Guest widowcali

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Guest widowcali

As evil elf I am truly new

Please forgive if my rhymes are strewed.


But still, please remember, you cannot lie

For your Secret Santa will surely cry.


Your hounds are Dasher and Precious too

If you say they are good, I'm sure it is true


For this your Santa has a few queries

Answer them quick, we don't want you wearied!


If Dasher sang a song,

what song would that be?


If Precious read a book,

on the cover what would we see?


When you deck your halls with bows of holly,

What are the colors you use to get your jollies?


What are the things you like to smell,

Come on Precious, don't be afraid to tell.


Do you like hats on your head?

Do you like pillows on your bed?


What type of sparklies do you like around your neck?

Are they made of diamonds, what the heck?


Now enough about you,

on to the crew.


Your pups are pretty, that is no lie

But don't they get chilly when cold is in the sky?


You must take some tape with number and lines,

and measure them both from their nose and their hinds (what else rhymes with lines?)

And some numbers for tummy, legs and neck

And throw in their ankles, just for the heck.


When they are playful and spunky

And acting all funky...


Do they especially like the toys,

the ones that make noise?


Are there treats that they miss?

Are there tings that they'd kiss?


My poem is now done..


But wasn't this fun?!

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Guest PreciousMom

Precious & Dasher are both big babies they like nice smelly treats and eat almost anything. They have more collars then we know what to do with. The boys only have two necklaces, one each. I will find a tape measure and measure them for you tonight or tomorrow. Neither dog looks good in red, we like most other colors.


We'll get back to you soon.

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