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Momofsweetpotatoes, Come On Down

Guest greytmonty

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Guest greytmonty

Hello Momofsweetpotatoes, evil elf here. Your Secret Santa has some VERY IMPORTANT questions for you, so try to answer EACH AND EVERY ONE in detail, with footnotes and references as needed, so that your holiday surprise can be extra special!


We need to know ALL ABOUT Doug.

What are his likes and dislikes?

What is his astrological sign? Moon rising or sinking?

What kind of music does he prefer with breakfast?

Is he right-legged or left-legged when he pees? Or is he a squatter?

Country, rock and roll, rap, or indie?

How tall is he?

What color are his eyes? What color is his coat? What color is his aura?

Does he like any special kind of pate or is he more interested in sushi?

What does he do for recreation? Is he a reader, a sleeper, or a squeaky-killer?


Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest MomofSweetPotatoes

Doug's here!, He's here!


Doug likes: being outside, rolling in the grass, snacking on beef heart and riding in the car.

Doug Dislikes: greenies and going to the vet, and the grey and white kitty that lives across the street.

Astrological sign: I think he's a capricorn, (DOB 1/11/98) Don't know about the moon thing tho'

Music with breakfast: classical or talk radio

Peeing: He's a squatter, often mistaked for a girl when he pees :rolleyes:

Indie!, Imogen Heap rocks :)

He's about 30" tall

Brown Eyes, Red Brindle coat, Doug and I think his aura color is Turquoise :dunno.

Doug is more of a Sushi kinds guy. Liver is ok, but we usually have to sneak it too him.

Doug is definitely a squeaky killer and likes to zoom around the yard for fun.


Thanks secret santa (and evil elf!) :paw




Here's a fuzzy picture of me killing a stuffie :



And me on the beach



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