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Not New, But Never Formally Introduced My Gang

Guest Hollys2hounds

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Guest Hollys2hounds

:blush I am embarrassed to say I have never formally introduced myself and my gang. I have gotten so much valuable information from Greytalk, and I have passed on "Greytalk" cards to enlighten people, but I have never formally introduced myself and my gang.


My name is Holly and I have am the proud mom to two greys, two cats, one son-(15), and two step daughters (22 and 19). We live in Central New Jersey.

My first grey, Ginger passed away last year, which truly broke my heart! She will always be my very special angel. She touched an amazing number of people in her short life! (Including my husband, who went from being "so so" about dogs" to absolutely falling in love with her, and the breed).

We have been blessed to now have Lexy and Gunner. Lexy came to us on October 29th 2006--Gotcha Day coming up quickly, and Gunner came to us on December 10, 2006. They are both 3 1/2 now.


Thank you for all of your guidance and assistance through Greytalk. This is an amazing site!! I have also made some wonderful friends, and I look forward to seeing you all again in Dewey next year!


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Guest bowiebears

Hey there!


Greetings from Central Maryland!


Bowie is halfway between Washington DC & Annapolis.


We (my partner & I) have 2 hounds: Dowland (12.6 y/o red semi-brindle male) & Azalea (almost 8 y/o red brindle girl)




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