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A Corn


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:( My baby seems to have a painful corn on his right front paw pad....he has a vet appointment tomorrow morning but, in the meantime, I have a few questions:


1. Should I file it down or dremel to make it less painful? The corn is now sticking out of the pad a little...


2. Can these corns be so painful that he would not want to walk....he is so sad today....will only get off of mommy's bed to eat...his appetite is still good..thank goodness...but no interest at all in going out to potty?


Thank you!

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I had a dog with several corns. I'm sure they were very painful, and he often declined to go on walks. I did dremel them flush with the pad and it seemed to give him relief.


There's a procedure called "hulling" that you might want to speak with your vet about. Here's a link to an article.




I hope he feels better soon.

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See if your vet will hull the corn with a dental root elevator (see the Grassmere article).


Yes, they can be so painful that the dog will not want to walk. They're really painful.

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Guest spudlover

Our new hound is similarly afflicted. He limped on hard surfaces, but was fine on grass - I'd even taken to driving him to the park, so he got out on grass! Sheesh.


I've had lots of helpful advice from our local group, and filing down the corns is definitely helping. I find an emery board less intimidating to use than the dremel. I've also frozen the corns with Dr Scholl's Freeze-Away, and they've shrunk considerably. I'll have to look into this hulling business, but in the meantime, the home remedy has stopped the limping!

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