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Chloe Down In The Dumps

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Guest ChloeMom

We took Chloe to the beach and just as she started to go into the water and have some fun, missle fireworks starting going off and she got spooked. SHe almost got away from me and thank God the martingale was working because she was pulling away from me and if she ever got away she would have fallen down onto rocks. This was two weeks ago and she is not the same dog. She had a good week last week as she still acted her silly self with squeaky toys and morning jumping greetings, but they have stopped now that she has been repeatedly spooked by fireworks in the distance at night time. I look at her in despair. She won't go for walks down the driveway and I have to pull her to the back lawn in order to relieve herself.

Does anyone else's greyhound act like this? Ever? I know she has been traumatized by that awful night on the beach. I didn't know they were going to light fireworks! I almost lost my best girlfriend that night. I held onto her like she was my child. Now, she won't snap out of it. I'm worried....

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