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Ear Wax...

Guest cleo570

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Guest cleo570

Cricket went to the vet for her annual checkup. The last time she went (1 year ago) I was very annoyed with the vet, who tried to take a rectal temp (yeah, like THAT was going to happen!) but neglected to look in her ears before rushing us out the door.


(Now, there's absolutely no need, IMHO, to take a rectal temp if the dog is totally healthy, but to forget the ears...!)


So, this year, I ask the vet specifically to look in her ears. The vet tells me that she has a big wax ball in one ear, and it would require sedation to remove it.


She also suggested ear drops to try to soften the wax (Debrox, just like for people), which we are going to start, but she was doubtful that it would work.


Anybody else's grey have this problem? I would love to hear any other solutions to this other than sedation!

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Guest CarriesMom


The day after we adopted Carrie, we took her for a wellness checkup to a vet that I had used for over twenty years. (I got an associate and not my regular vet). I told she really smelled real ripe and the doctor said she was not that bad but I should wait before she get a real bath until she had adjusted to us first. In the first three weeks and Carrie was home, she visited the vet 5 times. I even sent her to the vet for a professsional bath and she still had problems; but this time she used an ear cleaning solution (saturated it onto a cotton ball and squeezed it into her hear and rubbed her ear and when she shook her head this ball of something; the size of my thumbnail came out of her ear and stuck to the wall!


That was the last time I ever went to that vet again! I use OtiClean-A Ear Cleaning Lotion for Dog & Cats (it really works like a charm) She may have some wax and dirt from the track still in her ear.

Good Luck -


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Guest coaster

I took my new grey in (1 week new) and got a newbie vet a couple of days ago, too, and had the feeling she wasn't top-of-the-shelf either. That night, I cleaned out his ears, and it was disgusting! She had not even looked at them. Three cottonballs with ear-cleaning solution for each ear and they were still dirty. So, back we go again to the vet. This time, I made sure before I went that we could see the senior vet there. He said my boy had a major wax build-up, used some tools to clean up his ears some more, and gave me drops to use for a week. I would definitely talk to another vet. I've not heard of putting a grey under to remove ear wax, but maybe you could do a search here. Good luck.

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Guest Cris_M

Back when I was a school nurse, there was an article published that said Magnesium Citrate (a cheap liquid laxative) worked as well to soften ear wax as the expensive solutions made specifically for that. We would recommend it to parents and it worked well if the parents were compliant.


It might be worth a try, since dogs, like children, can waste a large amount of liquid and neither cares that the liquid is expensive! Do be aware that it may take several applications for the wax to become soft enough to come out. If you can get your dog to tilt his head to the side so that the liquid goes down the ear canal and stays there for a while, it helps a lot. Doing it outside is good also so that when your dog shakes his head, you won't have a mess to clean up.


Hope things go well.

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