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  1. Hi, My husband and I have four rescued Sighthounds (it would be more, but we've run out of sofa space!) - we have a Greyhound, a Saluki, a Galgo and a Saluki/Spaniel cross. I have attached a photo of them - please excuse the mess in the background, it was taken last Summer when we were working on the garden! Last year, early in the Pandemic, we made hundreds of masks to raise money for charity and this led to me making bags, scarves, scrub hats, glasses cases and much more and eventually towards the end of last year we set up our own website where everything is Sighthound themed. For every product sold, we donate to the wonderful 112 Calota Galgos charity (which is where our Galgo came from) and have donated well over £1000 to date. Please consider supporting a small business that is as passionate about Greyhounds and their cousins as you are! You can find us @ www.thesighthoundstore.com or on Etsy @ www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheSighthoundStore where we have dozens of 5 star reviews. Thank you, Helen & Darren
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