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  1. Offlead is allowed here but in the prior situation with the small dog I wouldn't have called it charging by a loose dog. Although he has been charged by loose dogs several times they're seperate incidents. This was really a perfect nightmare of a single track with someone walking an offleash dog. Muzzles aren't a requirement here. Ive defenately noticed people keep their distance if he has a muzzle though, which is a shame when he has it on because he's very much a people dog and likes meeting strangers, especially young children.
  2. Thanks for the various bits of advice everyone, been quite busy so heres a late update. I intended to take on some of the advice but Benny started to just settle again with us carrying on as before and if it's suddenly working I thought why fix it. He did have one backwards few days where he was scared of the park entrance after some neds screamed in his face (like literally got down in his face and screamed to intentionally scare him) but other than that fine overall. Still some issues but nothing that isnt manageable and getting better. He's now made friends with a 10month old german shepherd we see on morning walks which is lovely to see considering when this started he hadn't been relaxed around other dogs since that last time he met a german shepherd and it freaked him out, he's confident enough to have some interaction then put the young lad back in his place if he gets too heavy on the jumping which is great. Muzzle is back off as a result of him getting his confidence back.
  3. Thanks 1Moregrey, Unfortunately we're in a row of tenement flats so we only have a communal garden to the back but I'll try taking him for a bit longer out there so he can hear the sounds and work up to the pavement out front. I had started trying the treats on walks when he leaves something for added praise but it's a bit fiddley now that he's muzzled again.
  4. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that I'm not concerned about my dog being relaxed in this situation. Especially since I said I want to work out how to make him more comfortable on walks. That is my only concern and why I'm trying to work out what is causing this. I walk him at the quietest times, but there aren't just dogs in the park, there are dogs in the streets and down by the woods/canal where we go to avoid the park and the nervousness isn't only around dogs. We don't have a car so walks out of our area are not an option.
  5. Background: We adopted our lad Benny in December, he's 4 years old and had his last race in July following a toe dislocation/amputation. There was a house before us but they sent him back due to stealing food, which was clearly because they'd not been feeding him properly as he came to us really underweight. There he lived with a Jack Russel and they didn't report any problems. He's had all the standard settling in problems but was making quick progress, we were told he was good on lead and uninterested in other dogs which turned out to be false as he wanted to greet every other dog we saw (nothing aggressive, play bows and the odd bark) and wasn't great on the lead. He was getting way better though, last month we decided he could have a go out without his muzzle and had no problems. Only dogs he'd been reactive to were small fluffy dogs which we just made sure he was away from, any other dog small or large was fine, sometimes he wouldn't give them more than a look. He's our first greyhound. So onto the point, it's all gone downhill fast. Over the past two weeks he's started barking and occasionally lunging at other dogs, especially off lead dogs. This came to a head yesterday when he grabbed a small fluffy dog and picked it up. I was walking down the woods where ive been taking him because there's rarely other dogs, around a corner came the small dog off lead. Owner a bit behind, Benny saw it and stopped, same way he's been doing before having a go at other dogs before so I held his harness in short as possible, stood between him and them. They went on past and Benny just lunged and grabbed it, It was all so quick but me and the other owner got his dog out of Bennys mouth and thankfully it was shaken but fine. Benny is obviously back on muzzle from now onwards. I was cautious before of him and other dogs knowing their instincts and training but extra cautious now. As well as this over the past two weeks he's been freezing more often and for longer on walks then refusing to go certain directions that he was fine with before. Sometimes we'll be stuck for 15-20mins. He's also seemingly become terrified of our street, he won't walk down it apart from to leave although even that isnt always without freezing up, sometimes he whines, he'll refuse to cross the road. Myself or my partner have to come down to help convince him to walk up the street (depending on who took him for a walk) or we have to throw bits of kibble up the street to lure him. Thats been a last resort we go to after 10+ mins of being stuck 100m or less from our door. His heart rates right up and his tails between his legs. He's gone from happy as anything on walks long or short to cautiously plodding along with the odd happy burst then back to tail down and nervous at every sound. Only thing we can point to is two weeks ago was when an off lead german sheppard ran over to him when he was on a walk in the park with my partner. The dog was barking in his face and apparantly it was pretty terrifying. Benny didn't bark back or anything, he just froze and whimpered and the other owner was naturally nowhere to be seen. Its since then he's been reacting badly to other dogs and become nervous out of the flat, although trying not to dwell on that as the issue because I feel there's gotta be something else. Really not sure what to do and how we can help him to feel more comfortable on walks and be less reactive to other dogs. We can't really walk him somewhere without dogs because they're just everywhere, with all the freezing and other dogs a 30min walk quickly turns into 2hrs. Any suggestions?
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