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  1. Yeah this afternoon I have pretty much left him alone at the other side of the sofa and then had a Teams meeting, so about 10 minutes ago he did the "rub my belly at once human" thing, wo I gave him a little rub and then left him alone again
  2. Haha it did feel like a bit of a victory. It was at night he went to bite me. Misunderstanding again I think. He jumped onto the bed and lay beside me and I moved my arm out his way and he snarled and went for it. I was quicker though, so he didn't actually catch me. I'm just trying to take each hour as it comes. He's been good most of today but then in the last hour peed in the hall and refused to go a walk 😅.
  3. Thank you both for your kind response. I had typed a reply to each of you individually a few days ago, but whatever I have done wrong, neither reply actually posted haha. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your encouragement and for sharing your experiences. We've made a tiny bit of progress in that now I can in most cases leave him in the living room alone for a few minutes at a time. It doesn't always work, but it seems to be okay about 80% of the time..…..I even managed to get an almost 10 minute bath last night haha. SO that is great. We've not really made prog
  4. Hi there, I am really looking for some honest advice and support. I have adopted a 4.5 year old greyhound and have had him just over a week (very early days). The rescue centre said he was very quiet but playful, great with people and other dogs, fully trained and would be okay by himself for a few hours at a time.....everything seems to be the opposite though. I know he was housed before and returned due to a "change on circumstances" but don't know anything else. My main worry is that I am.doing something or everything wrong and making him miserable. He barks aggressive
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