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  1. Thanks for the responses. Zimsmom - unfortunately the treats she loves best haven’t worked! When she is with one person she gets so nervous/distracted that she doesn’t care at all for food. HeyRunDog - I do the majority of feeding already. And she is the same no matter who she goes out with - if there’s only one person walks are simply no fun! If there are two people (doesn’t matter who the two people are) she is fine and completely happy. It’s very odd! The garden thing doesn’t bother us too much and we are likely to move relatively soon anyway. The walks however are inconv
  2. We can try leaving the back door open more often (wish we had done this during the Summer now!) and see whether that encourages her. Thanks for the suggestion! As for the walking, we’ve actually tried something similar very recently. My wife is commuting again so we have started both walking to the station and then half way we stop whilst she walks off. Amber (greyhound) is not happy about this and then continues to cry/statue. We can move again either by following the direction my wife went or by heading back for home. Any other direction and she won’t budge!
  3. Hi all, We are looking for some advice with our relatively new grey who we adopted 4 months ago. She is an ex racer and 4 years old. She's been very good and settled quickly but is very shy - more so than we first realised. The big problem we are having is that she will not go for a walk with only one person. This was not an issue at the very beginning but soon after she would only go the green right outside our house and not walk any further than that. The other quirk she has (which could be linked) is she will not go in our garden. Again this was fine in the first few days but
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