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  1. UPDATE: Magic is hitting the pee pads more often than not, however she still seems to hold her bladder until after I go to bed, which is something I'll tell the vet. Pooping...not so much; either the need to do so seems to catch her by surprise and she runs away after, or she poops lying down and doesn't seem to be aware of it (will also mention to the vet). She eats from a feeding ball that she pushes around (for mental stimulation/exercise). She is walking the length of the home once with the harness on (which is an improvement) but has yet to go downstairs. I encourage her by giv
  2. Many thanks for getting back to me Wendy, and thank you very much for the advice. I'm still not sure what the best decision is for Magic. On the one hand I am helping her acclimate to the harness and taking her as close to the stairs as she is comfortable with...and rewarding with treats. She appears to be happy...eating and drinking normally, zonking out on her beds and sticking her nose in my keyboard from time to time. I've ordered some treat/food puzzles to help keep her mind and body stimulated and I've got heating pads for her hips and back. On the other hand, over the past
  3. Sorry, no. Thanks for asking though. Chicago is a large, yet surprisingly small, city.
  4. Unfortunately there's no one in the building I'm familiar with and who is around (and awake) to help. Also, for now, the objective is to build Magic's confidence back up with the stairs. She's afraid of them now and will turn away once she gets to the top of the long flight down.
  5. I received a call from my vet last night; we had a discussion during which she recommended Magic stay with me and be an indoor dog while I help her regain her confidence with the stairs, unless there's a close friend or family nearby, in a first floor place, whom I can visit regularly. She, and the other vet Magic sees, are concerned that the cortisol levels induced by the stress of re-homing Magic would have an adverse affect that would cancel out the benefits of her being in a single floor dwelling. She also gave recommendations for transitioning Magic to being an indoor dog: things to wa
  6. Unfortunately I do not; the one friend I do have nearby lives on the third floor as well. I've messaged the group on Facebook and, as per the instructions I received, have emailed their contact address for adoptions. Crossing my fingers now.
  7. I don't have a balcony. There is a small area outside my back door that's shared with three other doors and, down three stairs there are two wider stairs; today Magic pooped there before turning around and going back up the stairs. I have pee pads laid out inside on the place where she...if she does have an accident in the house...has an accident. Since the back landing and stairs are wood, with gaps, I'm reluctant to let her go there, even with pads. I did try the Ruffwear WebMaster harness. I still have the Ruffwear Front range harness and, up until the most recent spill, I put it
  8. Thanks Ramonaghan. Headed out to pick up a harness option at PetSmart, then back to call around to other groups if I haven't hear anything from AG.
  9. Thanks Victor. I've made a list of all greyhound adoption groups in the IL area; I'm going to start calling/emailing if I don't hear from American Greyhound by noon. Caveat: The agreement I signed when I (and ex) adopted Magic states that she will be returned to AGGL and ownership/possession will not be transferred to anyone without their express written consent. Not sure what to do about this if I can't get in touch with AGGL and another group finds someone who agrees to take her.
  10. I sent another, more detailed, email this morning followed up by a text. Waiting until a reasonable hour to make a follow up call. If there's no response by noon, I'll start contacting other adoption groups. Heading off to compile a list now. Magic has shown zero inclination to go outside and downstairs since she and I were up this morning at 5. Not sure if I should wake her to try or let her come to me when she wants to go out.
  11. Thanks all, for the quick replies. I'm in the Chicago area. I adopted Magic from American Greyhound and contacted Jeff Coggins earlier this year about rehoming before Magic got the diagnosis of IVDD; I agreed to give him a head's up if/when Magic's condition got to the point when rehoming was a necessity. I sent him an email a month or two later, when Magic was going through a difficult period, then I texted him this past weekend while Magic was boarding at the vet. I've not heard back from him either time but I'll try again today. Additionally I ordered another harness yesterday
  12. Magic is my 12-year old greyhound who is healthy except for arthritis and IVDD. We live on the third floor of a building with no elevator. Magic is 73lbs at a healthy weight. Recently (this past Friday) the IVDD took a sharp turn for the worse; she failed the turnover test for her right rear leg and had a very delayed reaction for the left when I took her to the vet after she slipped going down the stairs, then refused to go down the stairs at all. She hates support anything...I've tried slings and several kinds of harnesses...but I boarded her at the vet for the weekend while I rush
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