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  1. I think that might have been the post, thanks. There might have been another post around that time..,I seem to remember seeing Oswald Cobblepot mentioned in relation to osteo and didn't see his name mentioned in your post. Cooper has Oswald Cobblepot in his line. We had him less than a year when the first DX came. Vet called while I was typing this: not DIC. Figured as much since she didn't call early this morning. I figured if he was imminently dying, she would have let me know more quickly. Anyway, thanks for the linky It was interesting reading. Now I just have to figure out h
  2. Not exactly absent, as I've been on the FB page, but back searching for info. Last I was here I still had Trixie (MJs Lemons) who passed 7/14/18 from the effects of canine dementia. Now the proud momma of Cooper and Callie. Coop is what brought me back here looking for answers, I thought I remembered in the old days there was a thread that tracked cancer by bloodlines. Don't see it now. Maybe I'm thinking of a different page. But Coop's got osteosarcoma and I'd like to research the family connection and see if any of his siblings got it, DX 9/24/19, amp 10/22/19 with an oncolo
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