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  1. I think that might have been the post, thanks. There might have been another post around that time..,I seem to remember seeing Oswald Cobblepot mentioned in relation to osteo and didn't see his name mentioned in your post. Cooper has Oswald Cobblepot in his line. We had him less than a year when the first DX came. Vet called while I was typing this: not DIC. Figured as much since she didn't call early this morning. I figured if he was imminently dying, she would have let me know more quickly. Anyway, thanks for the linky It was interesting reading. Now I just have to figure out how to add photos and my signature line and all that profile-related stuff I used to have years ago.
  2. Not exactly absent, as I've been on the FB page, but back searching for info. Last I was here I still had Trixie (MJs Lemons) who passed 7/14/18 from the effects of canine dementia. Now the proud momma of Cooper and Callie. Coop is what brought me back here looking for answers, I thought I remembered in the old days there was a thread that tracked cancer by bloodlines. Don't see it now. Maybe I'm thinking of a different page. But Coop's got osteosarcoma and I'd like to research the family connection and see if any of his siblings got it, DX 9/24/19, amp 10/22/19 with an oncologist at a clinic about 40 minutes from home, ELIAS protocol, follow up xrays on 7/21/20 DX found mets in the lungs so started palladia that date. Started Yale Canine Cancer Vaccine 8/13/20 (all with the oncology specialty). He started complaining once in a while about a mystery pain Sunday, and was complaining more as the week progressed so I set up an xray at our *regular* vet who is 10 minutes away, with the agreement of the oncologist that the local clinic was a good choice if we had an exigent concern that needed quick attention. We were pretty certain cancer was back, either in the hips or remaining back leg, altho we couldn't pin down the source of the pain. The local vet is the one who gave the original DX, and who recommended we go to the specialty clinic. Things didn't go as we hoped. She copped an attitude about us going to the other clinic (altho she was the one who originally recommended we look there for clinical trials). She has a brusque bedside manner, but she's good, so we ignored the attitude. She didn't find any cancer in the hip or leg, so she did an ultrasound of the tummy with no real results, but she DID find Coop starting to bruise so she ran bloods and came up with DIC as a potential DX. Said she would call first thing this am with bloodwork report, and if DIC was present she would recommend euthanasia today. Sent him home last night after giving him a shot of hydromorphone, which was a HUGE mistake, as Coop had a terrible reaction to it which kept us up all night trying to calm him as he continually panicked for HOURS. So far, no call. Which I gather would mean it's NOT DIC. I will call shortly to follow up. But i'm wondering if this isn't just maybe a greyhound thing, with their numbers being different from other dogs (combined with cancer which we know he has, and maybe some reaction to the palladia / yale vaccine - but NOT DIC). I would hope the vet (who sees a lot of greyhounds and who has been our vet for 20 years) would have kept in mind the whole thing with greyhounds having different numbers, but maybe not. Or I'm wondering if it IS DIC, since it's a clotting disorder, would amicar be of any help? So I'm tired and confused and lost today, and I came back here to rejoin and do some research.
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