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  1. Thank you everyone, sorry I only just saw these replies, as I wasn't notified for some reason. Even since I wrote this post just over 10 days ago, he's definitely chilled out some more, although still jumpy on walks, but I feel like he's making progress. So yes I feel like patience and time is all we need now, fingers crossed and we'll get there, thank you for the reassurance, and that book looks really interesting too, as the lead walking is the main thing we're struggling with now. He's fast asleep by my feet as I write this, which is the most relaxed I've seen him yet, sleeping with his eye
  2. Hi everyone, I suppose I'm just looking for some reassurance really. We adopted this lovely boy 5 days ago, so extremely early days I know. He's been so sweet and gentle and well behaved, and lovely with my two little girls. He's just so nervous, and I want to try and do what we can to make things easier for him. I feel like it's getting worse rather than better! Over the last couple of days, he's become terrified of going into the utility room to eat- we thought he may be scared of his reflection in the bin, so we removed that! He eventually does, but with much coaxing, and it means
  3. Thank you again everyone for your encouragement and great advice. So lovely to hear about all your (not so young) greyhounds and how great they are doing! We went to meet Ziggy again with our girls, took him for a walk (he wanted to go on another after we finished!), and all going well, will be bringing him home in 3 weeks. We’ve all fallen in love with him so fingers crossed it all goes to plan!
  4. Thanks so much for your really helpful responses. Definitely has reassured us and I think we're going to go for it, once the kids have met him and checked all ok! Some really helpful advice too- this is a fantastic group!
  5. We are considering adopting a 6 year old retired greyhound. We’ve never had a dog, let alone a greyhound, and are trying to make sure we’re considering all eventualities. We have two (human) girls already 🙂, aged 3 and 7, and the greyhound centre have taken this into account. We really loved this 6 year old boy - I suppose my only worry is his age- considering we have two young children- will he still be energetic enough to keep up with us?! We’re not SUPER active, but We love the outdoors, go for days/afternoons out at weekends which may involve a a few miles Gentle walking/roaming.
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