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  1. Greetings! First time posting, new greyhound Mum to a 5yr brindle female, Twiggy. We are planning a road trip from Austin, TX to Minneapolis, MN. It's about a 16hr drive and we're hoping to do it in two days. We've never done this with a dog though and we've had Twiggy for 6 weeks. We've done lots of car rides but only up to an hour at a time. I have a few long drives planned before we get to our travel date. She's always done really well but I'm starting to get cold feet. Is this too much too soon? Travel specific questions: 1. Have you done a road trip this long with a grey before? 2. Is it advisable to get an interstate travel certificate? (saw this advertised on a vet website) 3. Any safety/comfort tips for keeping her cozy? Appreciate any and all opinions, comments, concerns, advice.
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