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  1. Thank you so much I just need to hear that it’s normal she’s such a gentle sweet dog apart from this random behaviour I always tell people she may react so if your dog doesn’t want to be scared stay away some owners are great & give her time & walk along with her others look at me like I have a bad dog which upsets me I know it shouldn’t I’m working on it I really appreciate any communication n sense input . We have fires here the next week is going to be testing We are safe thank you & I hope you are too
  2. Yes I think that’s it the vet asked where she walked I said infront he said she’s protecting you get her next to you or behind which she does well now I think my mistake was letting her go back up to the other dog after they’d sniffed etc she was in front of me when she went back to the other dog it’s funny if I walk her with the dog she growls at she’s fine it’s standing face to face & it’s usually only at other greys I’m just trying to work it out I’m sure it’s a simple fix I just have to work out what I’m doing wrong ?? It makes walks a little unpredictable I know other greys like her
  3. Hi MerseyGrey and happy 2020 I’m in Australia I have only let my dog off lead in off lead parks where she shows no reactive behaviours at all she only does this on lead I’ve been given a hemp mixture by a naturopathic vet but haven’t used it I think your right about her the fact she’s saying back off now and I need to just chill about it but it used to scare me as I never knew when it would happen I’ve had her 18 months she’s 4 yrs old did 50 races great around kids people etc just this one thing . We are at this time waiting for a park to be designated for greyhounds it has just passed that
  4. why does my hound sometimes when on lead growl & bark at other greyhounds ? Yesterday met 2 greyhounds all on lead warned the owner she may react they sniffed & were all calm & lovely then mine went back and was face to face with the other female and started to snarl I don’t get it ! I’ve changed my lead I have her next to me or behind she was perfect then she did this it’s so random I’ve been told many different reasons & tend to agree with the protection reaction off lead no problems social friendly perfect ,I’m at a loss to figure it out please help
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