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  1. He ate dinner last night and seemed to have pepped up. He did wake up last night once with some sounds, but seems to be feeling much better. We're thinking a recent addition of greenies to his diet might be the culprit.
  2. Thank you. He ate breakfast as I described, but he just refused lunch. He's dry heaved lightly a couple times in the past 3-4 hours. He's done some very soft burpy sounds. Tough to see him not quite himself.
  3. PS- I am not so new here. just have not logged in for a long while.
  4. My 12 year old grey woke last night retching. H did this several times. No output at all. No vomit. I got worried after he had done this a dozen times or so. Around 4:30 I decided a vet visit was called for. Off we went. They took blood. Took an image and vet said she did not think it is bloat. Said he has gas. He's seems reasonably himself. They gave him a shot for nausea. I fed him breakfast, as vet advised, when we got home about 7am. Around 11:30 he had some heaving sounds, he got up and stood to do this. Again no vomit. Not super energetic heaving/retching. Normal stool and pee. Normal behavior recently. Vet says his white blood cells are a little high, but could mean several things. We already had vet visit scheduled for next week. Vet said don't return today unless he vomits. He's resting again and falling asleep. Thoughts?
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