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  1. Hi everybody! We adopted our beautiful Josie about 5 months ago. She was a very shy and fearful dog when we got her, but she has made great strides in a short time. These days she is perfectly fine (if a little bored) being left alone in our house for an entire workday with a turn-out at lunch time. We don't crate her when we leave, because she seemed much more anxious crated than when left to roam as she pleased. Here's our remaining issue: my husband and I both take her to work about once a week. She gets really anxious if we leave her in either of our offices, even for just a minute to use the restroom. She cries and makes loud puppy barks. Both of our co-workers have great patience and haven't complained yet, but I don't want to mess up a good thing. Does anybody have any tips that we might try? I've even come in on the weekend to try to do some alone-training when my coworkers aren't present. Nothing has stuck so far. Thanks in advance!
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