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  1. Thank you guys so much for this input and the helpful link! The lady at the shelter told me she was very underweight so i’m really pleased to hear she’s at a good weight now I’m trying my best to give her the most balanced diet I can, about 70% raw meat 20% bones 10% fruit and veggies, with supplementary things like treats and oils. She likes her socks, it’s too bad they’re always dirty Rainy day pic: https://i.imgur.com/YIa9VWk.jpg
  2. That's a really good point about different kinds of food being processed differently, I hadn't thought of that! And you're right about the overeating, Jill would eat my arm off if I let her... It's hard to find pics of her that show her distinct boniness since she's so dark that she pretty much absorbs all light, but here's some shots of her being a Big Baby <3 (please ignore very sad plants)
  3. Hi all! I adopted my 3 year old girl Jill 2 weeks ago, she was 7 months off the race track and 26.7kg when she came home with me. She's been settling in amazingly, no stress and picking up commands (no luck with learning her name, though). She's also fully up to date with worming and vaccinations etc. I was wondering if I'm feeding her a good enough diet so that she can put on a bit of weight since all her ribs, hips, and backbone are very prominent at the moment. In the morning when I wake up at 8:30am I give her about 1/2 cup of kibble and a chicken neck. In the afternoon, around 3pm, she gets 1/2 cup raw beef mince, a chicken neck, a few pieces of tripe, and 1tbsp olive oil. Before bed at about 9:30pm she gets a chicken neck, about 1/4 kibble, mixed with some canned beef+pasta wet food. In between she gets treats for training and occasionally a chicken heart or a marrow bone to chew on. I fear that I may be overfeeding her (I'm a first time grey owner!). Thanks in advance!
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