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  1. We are back home. 8 stitches with a local, and $325, and now I have to keep the paw dry and free of gnawing untilJune 5th. I guess all we will be able to do in Gatlinburg is sit on the deck and look at the mountains. 🤨🙂 But could have been worse. I’m happy she’s done with the ouchie local shot! I have abx for 7 days and tramadol for any big obvious discomfort. She’ll get the stitches out on the 5th. Thanks everyone who helped here, thank you very much.
  2. Thanks for the info, Raineysmom. I put a soft bootie on it as soon as it happened, but it got damp from the dew in the grass when we went over this morning to the doc. I’ll try the plastic bag idea after she’s done.
  3. Thank you for the positive response Remolacha
  4. This is about my greyhound girl Remington, a 7 yr old blk/wht girl in otherwise great health. She cut her left foot, in between the pads and it’s deep. I didn’t want doc to put her under general anesthesia and since Remi is so good she thinks she can shoot lidocaine in it as a local anesthesia and do a quick 3 or 4 stitches. She gave me a sedative pill to give Remi and I’m supposed to take her back at 11:30 for doc to do the local and the stitching. But Dr Scott isn’t there, it’s Dr. Heidl deciding this and she isn’t as greyhound savvy as Dr Scott. So I was trying to find out if it’s a safe route to take, before I take her back over. Have you known of greys having local with lidocaine?
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