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  1. Hello everyone I have had my Spanish galga for 1.5 years and she has adapted beautifully. For the past 10 days, we've been the host family of another Spanish Galga that we unexpectedly rescued from a difficult situation. The new one is very fearful, especially outside. The two dogs have not shown any particular behaviour towards each other, other than some sniffing, but no aggression and no play. These past few days, in the morning, I find the new rescue laying on my Galga's bed, and my Galga is sleeping on the couch. I know my Galga is quite protective of her bed, does not like to share so much, so I'm wondering what happens at night. Is it bed stealing? Is the rescue taking over my Galga? Does it matter at all that they exchange beds and should we let this happen? Or should we intervene here? Thanks for any advice G.
  2. Hi all we have had our Spanish greyhound for almost 6 months now and she is adorable. She remains a rather shy dog overall but exhibits no major issue after we have progressively overcome statuing, stopping during walks and all the rest. We live in a 3 room apartment, with a shared garden and she gets a minimum of 3 one hour-long walks a day. She definitely enjoys outdoors more than indoors. Inside the apartment, she has her safe space on a big couch which is just for her, with her blanket and toys (that she barely touches by the way...). The thing I'd like your opinion about is that, in the end, when she is indoors, she only lives in the room where she has her couch and, occasionally, in the kitchen where she has her food and water. She never wanders in other rooms, has not interest in moving around the apartment or checking out other spots at home. I can see she is getting very nervous when we try to lure her into another room to show her other spots where she could stay. When we move rooms she never follows us. I can spend the day working in the next room and she will not come once when I call her. I am concerned that she gets bored/depressed by staying all day long on the couch (except for the walks), just laying down and not even playing with toys. Is this a normal behaviour? Should I keep trying to get her accustomed to staying in another room, despite her anxiety signs? If yes, what would be the best way? Or should I let her be her way, as her couch is her safe space and after all all is fine? Thanks in advance Florence
  3. Hey Folks we adopted a lovely black Spanish greyhound 2 months ago. She is 3 years old, rather shy and quiet. She loves her walkies and gets very excited when it's walk time. We walk her three times a day. Morning and evening walks are just fine but for the midday walk, she is very excited when leaving the yard but soon starts to walk very VERY slowly, head down, and start panting a lot. We tried to just stay in the fenced garden instead of the midday walk but she insists on getting outside. My guess is that it's because of the heat but I am rather concerned because it's only spring time here and temperature have not gone beyond 20°C/68°F at midday. What do you guys think? Are greyhound particularly vulnerable to heat? Any other ideas? Lots of love!
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