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  1. 18 minutes ago, greysmom said:

    Best resource to find current and new medical knowledge is going to be your oncologist.  I will say I haven't heard of anything recently coming up or in the works.  There are several trials going on of new vaccines, in various stages, but most of them require amputation first.  

    I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this again.  {{{hugs}}}

    Thanks greysmom. My research suggested the new vaccines were for post amp also. I’ll try to get into the onco, but I know she is busy. Hopefully since I’m a repeat customer... 🙄. Sadly given her other health issues I think I can’t push too hard and just have to go the palliative care route. But damn, cancer sucks. 

  2. Well, my sweet 10.5 year old girl Brin looks to have osteo. She is my second greyhound - and my first one had it also. 😢 He was younger and strong so we amputated, did chemo, all the things. And he got nearly 3 more years post diagnosis. So, sadly I’m not uninitiated in dealing with osteo. 

    Different scenario this time, however. My girl is older, has some back problems which causes her other rear leg to be somewhat weak, so unless there is something new treatment-wise, we are going to just have to move to palliative care. But, I wanted to ask the collective wisdom if there was anything new I may not be aware of that could be useful. 

    BTW - I said “looks to have osteo” because we don’t have a certain diagnosis. As background, she has lived most of her life in southern Arizona where Valley Fever exists and can cause bone damage. We have done the blood test for Valley Fever, the test was negative, so unless by some chance it is a false negative, it is likely osteo. Chest X-rays haven’t been done yet, next week, and those may help determine a definitive diagnosis. I can’t take the chance to do a bone biopsy because the bone is already damaged and it could cause a fracture, and that would be the end. I have also not consulted with Dr Couto yet, nor seen the oncologist I saw before with my other hound. I just got the bad news last night so am scrambling a bit here to see if there is anything to do ASAP, or if the only goal is to keep her as comfortable as possible for the next month or two. 

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Greyhound said:

    smt, Our greyhound, recently retired, started her 2nd course of Panacur, day 1 of 3, the day before yesterday and responded similarly to yours.  Couldn't sleep, compulsive licking (bedding and herself), agitated, looking at the air is if there were bugs flying. It stopped by the next day. Our adoption group recommend we wait a day before continuing day 2 of the 3 day course.  Our adoption group said they have never seen this before. It may have been a coincidental allergy to something else but he timing is suspicious.

    I had a similar reaction in my hound. First time was the middle of the night so I gave her Benadryl. As I recall I gave her one and then about an hour later a second one. Next day my vet said he had never seen that reaction but thought if the Benadryl helped it was a good solution. It hasn’t happened since the first 3 day course of Panacur. And there have been many since the first one. 😕 

  4. Whew. So glad to hear. :yay My rescue recommends Bayer Advantage Multi for the hooks as well as Panacur. But I hate the Bayer product because of the smell. I’m a year and a half in and still dealing with hooks - but my girl was a good racer so then had a litter of pups and I read that causes it to get in the mammary glands... and the deworming process continues. Good luck with yours. 

  5. Hi all - my 10.5 yr old girl is starting to really show some looseness (?) in her right hock. When she is walking toward me, I can see it sort of swing out. I remember an old vet telling me the right (?) rear hocks are often problematic because they use it so much to push, because they race to the left. Or do I have that backwards? 🤔 Anyway, it is her rear right hock. I’m thinking I probably need to brace it. I’ll try to get her to vet but it’s challenging given the pandemic. Where I am we can’t go in with the dog. Anyway, anyone had an issue? What was the solution? Have you used a brace? This girl only raced 84 times, my other girl raced 194 so I’m concerned I may really have a problem with her. She’s only 6 though so hopefully not for a long time. Thx in advance for any help and suggestions. 

  6. I’ve got a girl with chronic hook and this does *not* sound like what I have experienced. I don’t want to panic you but I’m pretty concerned so hope you can get her examined by vet asap. Not eating or drinking is concerning. When you say bubble gut do you mean sound or look? I’m thinking you may mean she looks bloated - thus my concern. Please read about bloat and make sure you can rule this out. It is an emergency. But, when mine eat grass, yes, they will gurgle loudly for a short period of time. Hope she is ok. 

  7. Welcome! No real advice re insurance as I’ve never carried pet insurance... I’m kind of a gambler that way. I just cough up the money at the time as necessary. And it has been necessary... with various dogs (not all greys) I’ve paid for multiple back surgeries, an amputation and chemo, a ruptured ACL repair, a rattlesnake bite, and the list goes on. Thus, I’m not sure having no insurance is a good gamble! 🙄 There are other threads on insurance that might be helpful but I guess your question is... is $7500 a lot. On the face of it - yes, it is a lot. And yet.... these days I would say not really if you want to do everything possible. Given the advanced imaging that is sometimes needed (which can be thousands just for that), the advanced surgeries/neuro-surgeries available, etc. you can quickly exceed $7500. My grey’s amputation, chemo, and complications exceeded that. My thinking... if you save the extra $60 a month in an emergency fund you might have the extra money needed in excess of $7500 *if* it ever is, and if it isn’t then you haven’t paid it out to an ins co and it’s yours to keep. Or, there is always CareCredit. I would never pay $256/mo for pet ins. but again, that’s me and insurance. I have 3 dogs, 2 older and from your quotes I’d be paying ~$700-800/mo for all of them. No way. To me that’s nuts. (But then I lived in Southern California and didn’t carry earthquake insurance - so there ya go! 😂) I’m a good saver so I would rather save and pay if necessary, than pay and never benefit from it. 🤷‍♀️ You could probably google costs of imaging and various surgeries, dentals, etc in your area to get a better idea of potential expenses. 

    But... what I really wanted to say was CONGRATULATIONS! And welcome to the greyhound family! I love the name you’ve chosen. Regal and fitting for this awesome breed. Hope Greyson settles in well. I’m excited for you. Wishing you the best. 

  8. Hi all - my 10 yo pup has some known lower back nerve issues and she is on Gabapentin for that which manages her pain well.  However, on our mile or so walk she is dragging her rear feet such that the nails are being worn down. (Most of our walk I can keep her on dirt but not all.) Anyway it’s ok that her nails are taking the scraping on pavement currently, but her pads/toes are going to be next I’m afraid - so I’m thinking I will need to put her in rear boots to protect her paws. Any suggestions? I honestly believe she probably won’t walk in them, but she is either going to have to or not join my other grey and I on our leisurely retired-racer stroll. My vet does acupuncture so I may try that once the current quarantine is over to see if it helps, but right now doesn’t seem the time to take her to the vet multiple times a week for treatment. Any thoughts will be appreciated. 😊

  9. Symptoms sounds somewhat similar to my 10 yo girl’s symptoms. She has no history of corns. Neurologist said based on his exam her symptoms were/are due to nerve pain in her back. Said this was common in greys. She shakes/trembles after standing for a period of time because her back is in pain. Toes are also a bit splayed on front foot to compensate as the pain radiates down a rear leg. Presentation was shaking in her right rear leg and some lameness, not using the leg much, holding it up at times, etc. I certainly thought it was a leg issue - but it is a back issue. Gabapentin has helped a lot, as has limiting the length of her walks/time spent standing. Best of luck. 

  10. Oh gosh... you get Ginny through her issue and get hit with this. 😕 My dog and I were lucky... dealt with a hemangiosarcoma but it was attatched to her spleen. Vet said 90% (if I recall correctly) of the time those are malignant but in her case it was benign - and able to be removed. When she trotted out after surgery I noticed how pink her tongue was once it was removed and her blood was not being diverted through the mass. Here’s hoping for some good news, but you will make the right call - whatever it is. Good thoughts heading your way. 

  11. I've had my chronic hook girl for a year now. Still have hook... been using Advantage Multi monthly and Panacur every 3 weeks. (Of course on occasion the dates coincide... I gave both once and won't don it again. I think the combo poisoned her - and one of my other dogs that has picked up hook from her. Both vomited and my grey (who vomited twice) has never vomited before, my other dog does on occasion but he did also. So although some things say to do Advantage and Panacur/Drontal together, I won't do that again.

    Anyway, I tried DE as had heard it worked. I gave it up after a month or so as I didn't see any change and hated to keep giving it to my girl. I don't know if it was rough on her GI tract or not, she didn't show any problems with it, but since she still clearly had hooks in spite of giving it to her daily for a month I gave up. Good luck. It's frustrating.

  12. Batterseabrindl and greysmom - thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I did smaller meals more often Fri/Sat, she has been fine, but I can’t really manage that during my Mon-Thurs work week. So, this morning I gave her a regular amount to see what would happen, and she seemed fine. Well, coughed a piece out of her throat but that’s pretty normal for her. And probably a symptom of whatever the problem is. She doesn’t eat very fast or drink a lot at one time, so I think this is more health-related than behavioral. My vet, who is phenomenal, (only took years to find her!) wasn’t too worried about the grain-free food, but we didn’t really discuss that in relation to her choking/coughing/regurgitation. It was our first visit with the new vet so there was a lot to cover. We didn’t focus too much on any one thing. I have to take my other grey for shots in a few weeks and will talk to her again. If things get worse we will get in sooner - but she seems to be doing ok again. And, yes, there are two very good specialty clinics nearby so we will go there if necessary. She has seen the neuro at one of them, so it wouldn’t be a new thing for us. I’m off to look up symptoms of laryngeal paralysis and nutritional dilated cardiomyopathy, while holding out hope it’s just reflux. Thanks again. 😊

  13. 21 hours ago, Frank said:

    Thanks for the welcome. I've been lurking for quite a while now and researching Greyhounds for my potential next dog. I tend to do a lot of research before pulling the trigger. I had to put down my Bulldog last July, he was almost 10. I figure with the ban on racing in Fl. there will be a lot of Greys that need a home. So hopefully around February of next year I will be seriously looking to adopt. I don't say much on here because I don't have the knowledge base to contribute but your issue hit home and I thought my info would help.Now back to lurk mode :ph34r

    Thanks for coming out of lurking mode to comment. I think if I’d lurked here before I got a greyhound I might never have gotten one! But, tons of us have had multiple hounds. (I’m on #’s 2 and 3 currently. Having narrowly avoided a #4 multiple times.) So, despite some of the issues they are amazing dogs... IMHO. 😉 Sorry about your pup. Bulldog to greyhound? Wow. What a difference! Best of luck on your upcoming adoption. 😊

  14. 10 minutes ago, MaryJane said:

    My dogs are fed a home-made diet and they typically get about 2 cups of rice at dinner with about 1/2 cup meat and 1/3 cup veggies. At breakfast, they get about 1/2 cup meat and 1/4 cup brown rice, and about a 1 1/4 cups of cooked oatmeal with milk and a bit of honey.  They have been getting amounts like this for more than a decade although, I do change out ingredients. If I use potato instead, amounts are less because it is more dense.

    One of my dogs had IBD from seizure meds and we never gave flagyl (internist and I agreed) because of all the other meds she was on.  The home-made diet worked for years along with probiotics and monthly B12 shots. She had fish as the protein.

    My dogs have asked if they can move in with you because they think the food sounds delicious! 😋  (My first grey had osteo so pretty much all carbs came out of his diet and I’ve just stayed that course - but what you feed yours sounds amazing.) 

  15. Re: TPLO repair for ACL. My 13 yo terrier had it about 6 months ago. Xrays didn’t show it. My regular vet couldn’t diagnose it/feel the tear.  Ortho surgeon said “well that took literally 2 seconds to diagnose.” Fully torn. My terrier is difficult to handle so I couldn’t do any PT after the surgery with him - but after a few ups and downs on the road to recovery you wouldn’t be able to tell which leg it was. And he is back to running with my greys. (We don’t tell him they are only trotting when he is running full out. :lol)

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